Sam Jones/Warner Bros. RecordsTom Petty says his next project will be a new album with his pre-Heartbreakers band Mudcrutch, who first reunited several years back to record a self-titled debut that was released in 2008. Petty tells Rolling Stone that the group is planning to reassemble in August to start work on the album, while admitting that he has only written about four songs for it so far.

“I’m kind of frantically working on material for that right now, really over the past month,” he reveals. “The good thing is that everybody brings in a song so I don’t have to write 12 or something. But I’m working on it.”

Petty tells Rolling Stone that he really enjoys recording with Mudcrutch, which also features founding Hearbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell and keyboardist Benmont Tench, along with drummer Randall Marsh and guitarist/singer Tom Leadon.

“It was just so much fun [making Mudcrutch] and I think that’s one of the better albums I was ever involved in,” he says. “I’m hoping it’s something like that again. It’d kind of intimidating to have to follow it up.”

Tom says the band will work on the album at the same place they made the last one, The Heartbreakers’ Los Angeles studio The Clubhouse. He adds that he’s hoping Mudcrutch will record the new album in a similar way that they made the first one, which only took 10 days.

“The wild thing about the last album is that the vocals and even the harmony vocals were done live on the floor of the studio at the same time we played it, so there weren’t many overdubs,” Petty points out. “I’m hoping we can do that again.”

Petty tells the magazine that another thing he finds fun about working with Mudcrutch is that he gets the chance to play bass rather than guitar in the group. He also says he loves playing with Marsh, because “he’s a drummer that plays to the vocal rather than being hung up on the bass and stuff.” As for Leadon, who’s the brother of founding Eagles member Bernie Leadon, Tom says he’s “just out of sight on the guitar.”

Following the release of Mudcrutch’s first album, the band only mounted a brief West Coast tour before Petty turned his focus back to the Heartbreakers. He says he’d like to support the next album with a trek that sees Mudcrutch getting to play the East Coast too.

Meanwhile, Petty tells Rolling Stone that after he’s finished with the upcoming Mudcrutch project, he likely will just continue to work with The Heartbreakers, and that he has no interest in making any more solo albums.

“There’s nobody I’m longing to play with, and I’d rather play with [The Heartbreakers],” he insists. “At this point in my life, it’s such an honor to play with Benmont and Mike. It’s just my favorite band to play with.”

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