Polydor/UMeA new Velvet Underground box set featuring performances from a fall 1969 residency that the influential New York band played at the San Francisco club The Matrix will be released on November 20. The Complete Matrix Tapes is a four-CD set that boasts highlights from four shows that the Lou Reed-fronted group played over the course of two nights — November 26 and 27, 1969.

The concerts took place a few weeks after The Velvet Underground released its self-titled, third studio album, and features new member Doug Yule on bass and keyboards. The sets included versions of songs from all three of the band’s albums, as well as unreleased tunes like “Sweet Bonnie Brown” and “Lisa Says,” and classic songs such as “Sweet Jane” and “Rock and Roll” that would eventually appear on the group’s fourth record, 1970’s Loaded. Disc three is highlighted by an epic 37-minute version of the group’s dark noise jam “Sister Ray.”

Nine of the 42 performances in the collection have never been previously available, while all of the songs feature mixes taken from the original multitrack tapes recorded with The Matrix’s equipment. Eighteen of the tracks were featured on the Super Deluxe Edition of The Velvet Underground released in 2014, while alternately mixed versions of many of the other tunes can be heard on the 1974 double album 1969: The Velvet Underground Live and the 2001 box set The Quine Tapes.

Here is the full track list of The Complete Matrix Tapes:

Set One
“I’m Waiting for the Man” (Version 1) ***
“What Goes On” (Version 1) **
“Some Kinda Love” (Version 1) *
“Heroin” (Version 1) ***
“The Black Angel’s Death Song” ***
“Venus in Furs” (Version 1) +
“There She Goes Again” (Version 1) +
“We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together” (Version 1) **
“Over You” (Version 1) **
“Sweet Jane” (Version 1) *
“Pale Blue Eyes” +
“After Hours” (Version 1) +

Set Two
“I’m Waiting for the Man” (Version 2) **
“Venus in Furs” (Version 2) ***
“I Can’t Stand It” (Version 1) **
“There She Goes Again” (Version 2) *
“Some Kinda Love” (Version 2) (4:12) +/**
“Over You” (Version 2) +
“After Hours” (Version 2) *
“We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together” (Version 2) *
“Sweet Bonnie Brown”/”Too Much” **
“Heroin” (Version 2) **
“White Light/White Heat” (Version 1) ***
“I’m Set Free” +

Set Three
“We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together” (Version 3) *
“Some Kinda Love” (Version 3) *
“There She Goes Again” (Version 3) *
“Heroin” (Version 3) **
“Ocean” **
“Sister Ray” +/***

Set Four
“I’m Waiting for the Man” (Version 3) +
“What Goes On” (Version 2) (4:34) +
“Some Kinda Love” (Version 4) (4:46) *
“We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together” (Version 4) +
“Beginning to See the Light” +/**
“Lisa Says” +/**
“New Age” **
“Rock and Roll” +/**/***
“I Can’t Stand It” (Version 2) +
“Heroin” (Version 4) +
“White Light/White Heat” (Version 2) +/**
“Sweet Jane” (Version 2) (4:20) +/**

+ = appears on The Velvet Underground: Super Deluxe Edition
* = previously unreleased
** = performance appears on 1969: The Velvet Underground Live
*** = performance appears on The Quine Tapes.

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