Plowboy RecordsHerman’s Hermits singer Peter Noone is commemorating what would have been John Lennon‘s 75th birthday Friday by releasing a new digital single titled “I Can’t Imagine (A Tribute to John Lennon).” Noone recorded the track in Nashville in 2012 during the sessions for an Eddy Arnold tribute album to which he contributed a song.

“I Can’t Imagine” was written just after the Beatles legend’s death in 1980 by Don Cusic, the producer of the aforementioned Arnold tribute. He presented the tune to Noone because he felt that Peter, as a fellow British Invasion star, would be the perfect choice to sing it.

“I am pretty spiffed at the way it turned out,” says Noone. “Lennon used to buy me drinks in London after sessions at EMI’s Studios on Abbey Road. He would say, ‘They have a two-drink minimum and you aren’t 18 so you get two cokes, Herman, and I’ll get two Bacardis.'”

The lyrics of “I Can’t Imagine” lament the loss of the rock icon, and include the verse, “I know there’s a heaven, I hope that you’re there/I know there’s a reason why you’re not here/Maybe it’s to show us that dreams live on/And the songs are still sung although the singer is gone.”

Songwriter Cusic says about the song finally getting released, “It took a long time, but the time was right.”

You can check out a video for the tune, featuring footage of Noone recording the track, at Plowboy Records’ official YouTube channel. To check out the latest news on the singer and his tour schedule, visit

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