Image Courtesy of Roger WatersIn a new interview with Esquire, founding Pink Floyd singer/bassist Roger Waters shares some details about his upcoming solo album and also discusses his new concert film, Roger Waters The Wall.

With regard to the album, which does not have a title yet, Waters says, “It’s based on a piece that I wrote a year ago,” while revealing that some of the material that will be included on it dates back more than 15 years.

“Some of the songs are from 1999, and I did some more recordings in 2001, too,” he says. “Since then I wrote some new songs, and I started writing this narrative; a radio play.”

Waters adds that the radio play, which he says “may never happen,” is about an “old Irishman, who came from me writing a song called ‘Hell No’ [that’s] about asking and answering questions about conflict in general, but specifically going to fight, in Afghanistan or Iraq if you’re an American.”

The ominous theme of war, of course, also is a big part of The Wall, the classic 1979 Pink Floyd concept album conceived by Waters that also has been the focus of his recent The Wall Live solo tours and his aforementioned concert movie.

Asked if singing songs from The Wall had influenced his new project, Roger says, “I don’t know. Probably.” He adds that people often ask him why he writes about gloomy topics to which he says he responds, “‘You don’t get to choose what you paint. If you have a vision you f****** paint it, and you just be very, very glad that you had a f****** thought that was cogent in some way.'”

As for how the idea to make a film about The Wall Live tour came about, he points out that the decision was made while he and his artistic director, Sean Evans, were preparing the show for stadium performances, as they were working on synching up the live music with the videos created for the multimedia aspect of the concert.

“It became quite clear by about then, halfway through the second leg of the tour, that we were onto something,” he tells Esquire. “We looked at each other one day and went, ‘Obviously we’re going to make a film.'”

Roger Waters The Wall will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on December 1, while a companion soundtrack hits stores this Friday, November 20. Audio of the live version of “Comfortably Numb” featured on the album premiered at and also can be heard at Waters’ official VEVO YouTube channel.

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