Credit: Danny NorthAbout a year ago, U2‘s Bono was involved in a very serious bicycle accident in New York City’s Central Park, resulting in numerous broken bones, and the possibility that the rocker would never play guitar again. Now, Bono is planning to relive that fateful day — and raise money for his favorite charity as well.

December 1 is World AIDS Day, and Bono’s charity (RED) is holding a star-studded celebrity online auction via Among the prizes: a trip to New York City, during which you’ll stay in a four-star hotel, take a bike ride with Bono and eat ice cream. In an incredibly sarcastic yet hilarious video promoting the prize, Bono says, “I am offering you the chance to bid for something truly unique. Concert tickets, merchandise, The Edge‘s rice cooker…that stuff’s been done before. This is something entirely new: a bike ride with me in Central Park.”

“Why a bike ride? I can’t think of a reason why not,” he snarks.

Bono goes on to say, “Forget about jumping out of planes, scaling Mt. Everest…Join me for a bike ride, and really live on the edge!”

“We’ll ride, we’ll laugh, we’ll snap a few selfies, talk about our favorite albums, geopolitics,” Bono adds, describing what’s in store for the winner. “And I’ll tell you what it’s like to suffer a facial fracture involving the orbit of your eye, and having your elbow redone in titanium, and enduring the torture of 18 months of physical therapy with a satanic German physio. Good times!”

“If we all survive,” cracks Bono, “We’ll go for an ice cream.”

The number of chances you get to win is based on how much money you donate at Ten bucks gets you 100 chances to win. If you spend $50,000, you’ll get 500,000 chances to win, plus an autographed U2 guitar. There are different prizes for different levels. The auction ends next month.

If you’d prefer another prize, you can also bid on the following unique experiences: meeting Meryl Streep on a red carpet, meeting George Clooney and having him compliment you for 45 seconds, visiting the set of Game of Thrones, hanging out with Matt Damon in the green room at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, having Tom Brady teach you how to throw a football and — perhaps most hilarious — having Jimmy Kimmel give your kid “the talk.”

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