Photo by Rick Kern/WireImageStyx is currently preparing a DVD companion to their Live at the Orleans Arena Las Vegas album, according to the band’s official website.

Director Steven A. Jones says, “We’re shooting an in-depth look at what life on the road is like. The audience is used to seeing the band onstage, but we’re trying to show them what the band’s life is besides what they do onstage.” Guitarist James ‘J.Y.’ Young adds, “The original idea… was that it was just going to be about being on the road. Me, I’m happy to sit there and be interviewed, which I did… I can soliloquize about filling in the blanks about the songs that are going to be on the DVD.”

Live at the Orleans Arena Las Vegas was released on CD last May but was actually recorded in July of 2014 when Styx was touring with Foreigner and former Eagles guitarist Don Felder. A release date for the DVD is expected to be announced in the near future.

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