Paolo Pellegrin; Danny Clinch2015 was a lucrative year for the touring industry, and a number of veteran acts played a big role in inspiring fans from around the world to go out and see live music. According to the year-end figures from Pollstar, tours by U2, Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones were among the highest-grossing treks of the year worldwide.

U2 landed in fourth place on the tally, as the Irish rockers’ iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour grossed $152.2 million after selling nearly 1.3 million tickets to their 76 concerts. Fleetwood Mac took the #6 spot after its On with the Show trek brought in $125.1 million, while selling just under 1 million tickets to its 78 performances.

The Rolling Stones, meanwhile, were #10 on the list thanks to their Zip Code Tour. The trek grossed $109.7 million from ticket sales of about 630,000. The band only played 14 dates, but its shows easily boasted the highest average ticket price — $174.50.

Among the artists whose tours secured them spots a bit further down on the tally are Madonna at #11, after grossing $88.4 million; Paul McCartney at #13, after bringing in $77.7 million; Elton John at #14, with gross receipts of $77.6 million; Billy Joel at #18, after grossing $69.9 million; and Neil Diamond at #20, after earning $68 million.

The artists who had the top-grossing world tour of 2015 was pop superstar Taylor Swift, whose trek grossed a whopping $250.4 million after selling a bit less than 2.3 million tickets. AC/DC‘s Rock or Bust Tour finished in second place with $180 million in gross earnings, but the Australian band sold more tickets than any other act — more than 2.3 million.

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