Donna Ward/Getty ImagesCher recently made headlines for donating thousands of bottles of water to the residents of Flint, Michigan, whose water source has been contaminated for the past two years. Speaking to Billboard, the diva said she wants to do more to help the city’s residents — especially the poor ones — and also shared some of her upcoming career plans.

The singer tells Billboard that she’s putting together a team to work with her on a biographical stage musical, and members of the team might include people who worked on both Jersey Boys and the hottest show on Broadway at the moment, Hamilton. In addition, Cher, who’s almost constantly on Twitter, plans to introduce her own line of emojis.

But most exciting for fans is the news that Cher’s working on getting back onstage. In 2014, the now-69-year-old was forced to cancel her Dressed to Kill tour due to illness, but tells Billboard that she’s “working on going out [on tour].” She adds, “I just started singing and dancing. My sickness took a real hit on me. It was rough, but I seem to be getting much better.”

As for Flint, Cher says, “I hope I can do something more. I would like if we can form some sort of posse and look at some of the things we can do. Even what rich people can do is so little compared to what needs to be done. I’m doing extensive reading and trying to see what’s possible.”

The singer, who grew up in a poor family herself, says she’s most concerned about Flint’s needy, who don’t have the resources to buy filters or bottled water. “Poor people are just left to hang out in the wind…Nothing really works in the country, and nothing works for poor people,” she says. “There will never be any kind of equality until there’s the ground-up kind from nurturing and schooling and just basic things — like water.”

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