Gareth Davies/Getty ImagesMick Jagger has shared some anecdotes and recollections about his friend David Bowie for an article that appears in the new issue of Rolling Stone, which pays tribute to the late rocker.

Jagger tells the magazine that he doesn’t remember how he and Bowie met, although he recalls attending many of the same parties and hanging out with David often in London during the early ’70s.

“He would come around my house and play me all his music,” Mick explains. “I remember him playing me different mixes of ‘Jean Genie,’ which was really kind of Stones-y, in a way. That’s what I enjoyed: watching him develop as an artist.”

Jagger says that his friendship with Bowie always included “an exchange of information,” while admitting that there was also “always an element of competition between us, but it never felt overwhelming.”

The Rolling Stones frontman notes that one of the many things he and Bowie had in common was that they both wanted “to do big things onstage — using interesting designs, narratives, personalities.”

Mick remembers that David was always curious about the clothing he wore, and that when they would meet, sometimes Bowie would give him a big hug and at the same time try to check out the label on his clothes to see who the designer was. Jagger adds that Bowie also would sometimes steal his stage moves, although he always would be honest about it.

“I didn’t mind sharing things with him,” Mick maintains, “because he would share so much with me — it was a two-way street.”

Jagger points out that his friendship with Bowie continued into the 1980s, a time when they would go out to the same dance clubs in Manhattan. He reveals that “Let’s Dance” is his favorite Bowie, noting that it reminds him of their times hanging out in New York City, as well as having “such a great groove.”

Jagger says his favorite memory of Bowie was the day they recorded their hit duet of the Martha and the Vandellas classic “Dancing in the Street.” He recalls that they recorded the track and shot the video on the same day.

He explains of the experience, “We enjoyed camping it up. The video is hilarious to watch,” while adding, “It was the only time we really collaborated on anything, which is really stupid when you think about it.”

Another recollection Jagger shares involves the fact that he and David both had homes on the West Indian island of Mustique.

“He did a lot of work making health care better for local people,” Mick recalls. “I was doing school charity work, and he would come with me there and do story time with the local kids. It was really sweet.”

Lastly, Jagger laments that he and Bowie hadn’t been in touch much after David suffered a heart attack in 2004 and retired from touring.

“It’s really sad when somebody leaves and you haven’t spoken to them for a long while,” Mick notes.

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