Credit: Penny LancasterRod Stewart is a well-known ladies’ man who has had romances with such beautiful women as Britt Ekland, Alana Stewart, Kelly Emberg, Rachel Hunter and his current wife, Penny Lancaster, so you’d expect him to have some informed advice on having a successful relationship. In a new interview with Men’s Journal, the legendary singer shares his opinion about what important things a man should know about a woman.

“A man who can make a woman laugh is halfway home, so to speak,” Stewart tells the magazine. “Never argue before going to bed. That’s a no-no. And never let a glass of wine affect your serious discussions.”

With regard to the latter piece of advice, Rod notes that he and his wife “talk a great deal, but not after we’ve had a glass of wine. We’ll wait until the next morning.”

He adds that his suggestions are “things you learn as the years go by,” while maintaining that “[m]arriage is a union of two people, so to be successful, you have to listen. I wasn’t always a good listener, but now there’s communication and courtesy.”

Stewart also talks about how men should handle a breakup, while revealing that he only had his heart broken once, when his second wife, Hunter, left him.

“I understand why they call it heartbreak now — because you can actually feel it in your heart,” he explains. “I took to holding a hot-water bottle against my chest. I was distracted almost to the point of madness. When you’re in the thick of it, just know there’s no way around or through it. Time is the only healer.”

Meanwhile, Stewart, who has fathered eight children with five different women, tells Men’s Journal that being a dad is “the most fulfilling thing I could possibly do.” He explains, “I love writing songs, but if there’s an eternal fountain of youth, I would say it’s bringing a couple of kids into the world — it keeps a smile on my face all day.”

His advice to parents is to let your children “learn their own way,” noting that if you try to stop them from doing something they want to do, “they’ll do it anyway, 10 times worse.”

The 71-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer also discusses why he thinks he’s survived in spite of indulging in the excesses of a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Rod admits that although he drank a lot when he was younger, he eventually learned the importance of moderation. He also point out, “I was never really a druggy-type person, because I played soccer all [my] life and I was always very aware of keeping myself fit.”

Stewart says that these days, he drinks three glasses of wine a day — “two glasses of white wine, a glass of red wine” — and he sleeps “very, very well.”

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