Credit: Myrna SuarezBilly Joel gave a high school music teacher the phone call of a lifetime this week. ABC TV affiliate WXOW reports the Piano Man called Nick Johnson of Stewartville, Minnesota, after Johnson’s students started a social media campaign on his behalf.

About a month ago, Johnson told his students at Stewartville High School that Joel was his inspiration and jokingly said, “Let’s get him to Stewartville.” One of his students took him seriously and started the Twitter handle, @GetBilly2Stewie. Pretty soon the hashtag #GetBilly2Stewie took off.

On Tuesday, Joel’s assistant sent Johnson an email saying the singer would be calling him the next day. “I flipped out a little bit at that point,” Johnson says. “But I remember I had to read the email a few times… It was more of a shock because I was just expecting to talk with his assistant.”

The two reportedly chatted for 40 minutes on Wednesday about music, favorite career moments and the Stewartville choir program. While Joel won’t be coming to Stewartville, he did offer to Skype with Johnson’s students at a later date. He even agreed to send them something to hang in the school’s choir room.

“If I hadn’t heard his music at a young age, I don’t know if I’d learned how to play the piano,” Johnson says. “I don’t know if I’d fallen in love with music. And I don’t know if I’d be a music teacher.”

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