Courtesy of Pacific Electonic MusicKathy Sledge is the voice behind such classic Sister Sledge hits as “We Are Family” and “He’s the Greatest Dancer,” but she long ago branched out from her sibling group to launch a solo career. Kathy recently teamed up with a European producer-and-DJ duo called AristoFreeks on an inspiring and infectious dance single called “Keep It Movin.”

Sledge tells ABC Radio that “Keep It Movin” is a perfect example of the kind of music she’s interested in making today, a song that conveys a positive message to people while also getting their feet moving.

“I want to write something that’s relative to people when they’re out there dancing,” she explains. “Like ‘Keep It Movin’ [has] a line that says, ‘I’ll just keep it going for me, myself and I.’ And all of us have been there sometimes, and you get kicked around and you’re like, ‘OK, I just have to keep this going. I can’t look back.'”

Kathy’s collaboration with AristoFreeks — Max Martire and Shanti Matkin — certainly is a move forward for the singer, as the music melds modern electronic sounds with dance grooves reminiscent of the 1970s and ’80s. Sledge says she began working with the duo after they asked her to take part in new remixes they were creating of some early Sister Sledge hits.

“We just had so much excitement and a really good, I guess, marriage in writing, and we started writing more original songs,” Kathy explains. “And then, hence, we wrote ‘Keep It Movin.'”

You can check out an official video for “Keep It Movin” now on YouTube.

Kathy tells ABC Radio that another cool track she helped create with AristoFreeks is “Get On Up,” which also features three former singers from ChicAlfa Anderson, Luci Martin and Norma Jean Wright, who now are known collectively as Next Step. Sledge, of course, has long had a close connection with Chic, as the group’s leaders, Nile Rodgers and the late Bernard Edwards, produced and co-wrote all the songs on Sister Sledge’s We Are Family and Together albums.

Kathy says she loves working with AristoFreeks, and particularly with Martire, who she calls “the rock” behind the duo.

“His passion is endless with this music,” she declares. “And I think we’re onto something very special.”

Sledge tells ABC Radio that fans also should keep an eye out for her follow-up single with AristoFreeks, “Live.” You can keep up on Kathy’s latest endeavors by checking out her Twitter feed.

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