ABC News RadioThe Who‘s Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend were at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City on Friday afternoon to celebrate the opening of a new Teen Cancer America facility called The Lounge that’s geared specifically toward young adults and teenagers. The facility was funded by a $1 million that the band raised through playing a special concert the band played in New York City a couple years back.

Addressing the event’s attendees, which included press, hospital staff, patients and family members, Daltrey explained, “We find that a psychologically happy and socially happy patient will survive the rigors of the disease and the medicine a lot, lot better than one that’s miserable. And that’s what this is out to do.”

The 800-square-foot recreational space features a modern design, and offers young patients an area where they can relax, socialize with others, study, watch television, play video games, use computers and more. The communal space also includes a dry graffiti wall, board games and books.

The Lounge is the latest in a series of similar Teen Cancer America-funded facilities that have opened in a handful of medical centers around the U.S. Asked how the young patients have reacted to the areas, Daltrey said, “The teenagers, the ones we’ve met so far, and we’ve been doing this now for four or five years, they’re so behind it, and all they do is smile and it’s amazing.”

During the press event, Daltrey and Townshend signed an electric guitar that was put in a special display case in The Lounge.

Townshend told the media that it was “great to see” a project like this one, which he and Daltrey helped fund, come to fruition, while noting, “It’s the hospital themselves that have done the work. You know, they’re the ones who have made the space available, and you know [that space] in a city like this is priceless.”

Daltrey, meanwhile, said that he’d like to see more American artists get involved with supporting Teen Cancer America, which he and Townshend co-founded in 2012.

“If they need me I’ll be there for them,” Roger told the press at the event. “But if someone over here [like] Mr. [Bruce] Springsteen would like to do a couple of nights for us at the Garden…You know, it’s up to the American public now to get behind this and finish the job.”

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