Credit: Mark OwensNext year will mark the 50th anniversary of the release of The Moody Blues‘ landmark concept album Days of Future Passed, which the band recorded with accompaniment from the London Festival Orchestra. Longtime bassist John Lodge says the group is in the process of making plans to commemorate the milestone.

“We are planning right now to do a concert with an orchestra,” Lodge tells ABC Radio. “We haven’t decided where yet, but these are our plans, that we will do something special. We’ll do a new version of Days of Future Passed.”

The 70-year-old musician doesn’t explain how The Moody Blues intend to revise the album for the performance, but he reports that the show will be recorded “as a long-form video or DVD.” He adds that “hopefully we’ll be touring with that next year.”

Last year, Lodge told ABC Radio that he would like to see Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder, the two Moody Blues members from the Days of Future Passed lineup that no longer are in the band, take part in the album’s 50th anniversary celebration. As for how he now feels about his ex-band mates participating, John says, “It’ll be down to Ray and Mike, to be honest, [depending on] how they feel about it.” Lodge adds, “We’re still in the planning stage trying to work it all out at the moment.”

Thomas and Pinder, who left The Moody Blues in 2002 and 1978, respectively, both contributed to Lodge’s 2015 solo album, 10,000 Light Years Ago. John says, “It was wonderful to have them on the album. It was great,” while pointing out that he has known Ray since he was 14 years old.

Released in November 1967, Days of Future Passed was The Moody Blues breakthrough album, and the band’s first to feature Lodge and singer/guitarist Justin Hayward. The record featured two of the group’s best-known tunes, “Nights in White Satin” and “Tuesday Afternoon,” and is considered by many music critics to be a psychedelic masterpiece and an influence on the progressive rock genre.

The Moody Blues currently are in the middle of a 2016 U.S. trek called the “Fly Me High” tour that marks the 50th anniversary of Lodge and Hayward joining the band. The outing winds down April 2 in Biloxi, Mississippi, but the group will return to the States for a Las Vegas residency in October that will be followed by a run of fall “Fly Me High” tour dates. Hayward also has lined up a solo U.S. tour in May and June, while both he and Lodge also have scheduled solo U.K. treks in September. Visit to check out all of the band’s, Hayward’s and Lodge’s tour dates.

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