Heidi WildMany singers of the ’60s and ’70s have seen their music or their lives — or both — turned into biopics or Broadway musicals. Who’s next? Possibly Carly Simon, who says, “There are several things in the works.”

Last year, Carly came out with Boys In the Trees: A Memoir, which is a no-holds-barred look at her childhood, her many relationships and, of course, her musical career. She also released a companion album of all the songs she discusses in the book, and even wrote a score for the audiobook. Sounds like she’s got the ingredients for a musical or movie ready to go, right?

“Yes, that’s definitely…there are several things in the works now,” she tells ABC Radio. “You never know whether they’re actually gonna come into being or not, but there’s a lot that’s being talked about.”

Carly tells ABC Radio that such a movie or play would be a thinly veiled account of her life, rather than a strict biography. She sees the story “more as a theatrical play” with “some dancing in it,” adding, “I don’t know what exactly would make it very different from the book, but it would be obviously much more video- and much more audio-oriented.”

Boys in the Trees isn’t Carly’s entire life story, though: It basically ends with the end of her marriage to James Taylor, with whom she has two adult children, Ben and Sally. So what do they think of their mom telling all in the book?

“Well, in the first place, Ben has not read the book,” she says. “I’ve read sections to him and people probably have told him things but…it’s not first on his list of things to do. I think he would feel more conflicted than Sally did.”

As for Sally, Carly says, “I had told her almost everything, but when she read it all together, she was just so amazed. She said, ‘I’m so proud of you for being able to tell it like it is for you.’”

Carly does certainly tell it like it is, including how her parents’ dysfunctional marriage and her father’s emotional distance shaped her personality. She spills on her flings with everyone from Warren Beatty to Jack Nicholson to Cat Stevens, as well as her romance with Taylor, from whom she split in 1983. She also describes creating her classic songs, including, of course, “You’re So Vain.”

One revelation in the book: The song is not about Mick Jagger — she barely knew him when she wrote it. Carly has already admitted that the second verse is about Warren Beatty, but hasn’t revealed who inspired the first and third verses. What’s more, she insists that they truly don’t know the song is about them. So, what would have to happen for her to actually tell them?

“I would have to want to, ‘cause they are both living,” she laughs. “So I would just have to say, ‘OK, I’m gonna have to dunk you both into this fever that is people still wanting to know.’ I still can’t understand that!”

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