Harry Benson/Express/Getty ImagesA Grammy Award for Song of the Year that John Lennon won in 1966 for his writing contributions to the Beatles hit “Michelle” currently is being auctioned online, but, according to TMZ, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, a.k.a. the Recording Academy, is attempting to block the sale. The website says that the music organization has a rule that Grammy trophies cannot be sold, and is suing the Gotta Have Rock and Roll site to stop the auction.

However, the Gotta Have Rock and Roll site claims that Lennon’s Grammy previously was sold in 2004 at a Christie’s music memorabilia auction. The starting price for the trophy is listed as $40,000, although there have been no bids for the item as of Friday afternoon. The Grammy is described as being in “very good condition.”

TMZ also points out that Grammy winners sign a contract acknowledging that they are not allowed to sell or give away their trophies, and if they do, the Recording Academy can repossess them.

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