ABC/Adam TaylorBono visited Capitol Hill Tuesday afternoon to testify before Congress on the refugee crisis. In his speech, the U2 frontman declared the refugee crisis to be “very much a global problem,” and one that America needs to help fight.

“We have made great progress toward ending extreme poverty — progress that would have been impossible without American leadership, American generosity and good old-fashioned American hard-headedness, including the hard heads of members of Congress,” Bono said according to the text of his prepared remarks before a Senate subcommittee hearing on foreign aid and violent extremism. “But that progress stands in jeopardy today. So I am here to urge action by the international community in response to both the refugee crisis and the rise of violent extremism.”

Bono then detailed his proposal for combating the refugee crisis, which he separated into three aspects: “address the immediate humanitarian needs” and “provide support to host nations”; “get creative in how we think about the contribution that refugees can make to the countries where they reside”; and to link humanitarian efforts and development efforts and provide “new and sufficient sources of funding.”

“I’ve been talking today about the need for global action — comprehensive, well-coordinated. And that is what’s needed,” Bono said. “But there remains a role that only America can fill — leadership that only America can provide. And when you step forward, you can really save lives, ease conflicts, and bring hope.”

Bono of course has long been involved in global advocacy for the less fortunate, whether it’s convincing nations to forgive the debt of developing countries, to his (RED) initiative to fight AIDS and HIV, to his ONE organization which strives to fight extreme poverty and disease.

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