RCA/Legacy RecordingsAn expanded version of The Kinks‘ 1972 double album Everybody’s in Show-Biz will be released on June 3 as a two-CD set and a three-LP vinyl package.

The original Everybody’s in Show-Biz featured a full-length disc of new studio recordings, including the classic “Celluloid Heroes,” and an album of live performances taped at a March 3, 1972, concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The expanded Legacy Edition features a remastered version of the full original album, as well as bonus tracks that include studio outtakes and previously unreleased Kinks performances from the March 3, 1972, Carnegie Hall show and from a concert that the band played the previous night at the same venue.

Among the interesting live performances on Everybody’s in Show-Biz are a version of “Lola” and covers of tunes popularized by Harry Belafonte, Sammy Davis Jr. and Al Jolson, respectively — “The Banana Boat Song,” “Mr. Wonderful” and “Baby Face.” The bonus tracks include live renditions of “‘Til the End of the Day” and “Sunny Afternoon,” an alternate version of “Supersonic Rocket Ship,” and the previously unreleased studio outtake “History.”

Everybody’s in Show-Biz was envisioned as a concept album focusing on the triumphs and problems of touring musicians. The original songs initially had been written for the soundtrack of a movie project about The Kinks on tour called The Colossal Shirt which never came to fruition.

Everybody’s in Show-Biz: Legacy Edition includes new liner notes penned by acclaimed rock journalist David Fricke.

Here is the full track list of the CD version of the expanded album:

Disc One: The Original Album

“Here Comes Yet Another Day”
“Maximum Consumption”
“Unreal Reality”
“Hot Potatoes”
“Sitting in My Hotel”
“You Don’t Know My Name”
“Supersonic Rocket Ship”
“Look a Little on the Sunny Side”
“Celluloid Heroes”
“Top of the Pops” (live)
“Brainwashed” (live)
“Mr. Wonderful” (live)
“Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues” (live)
“Holiday” (live)
“Muswell Hillbilly” (live)
“Alcohol” (live)
“Banana Boat Song” (live)
“Skin and Bone” (live)
“Baby Face” (live)
“Lola” (live)

Disc Two: Bonus Tracks

“‘Til the End of the Day” (live)
“You’re Looking Fine” (live)+
“Get Back in Line” (live)*
“Have a Cuppa Tea” (live)*
“Sunny Afternoon” (live)*
“Muswell Hillbilly” (live)*
“Brainwashed” (live)*
“Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues” (live)*
“Holiday” (live)*
“Alcohol” (live)*
“Complicated Life” (live)*
“She’s Bought a Hat Like Princess Marina” (live)
“Long Tall Shorty” (live)*
“History” (studio outtake)*
“Supersonic Rocket Ship” (alternate mix)*
“Unreal Reality” (alternate mix)*
“Sophisticated Lady” (early rehearsal version of “Money Talks”)*

* = previously unissued
+ = previously unreleased commercially.

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