Courtesy of Record Store DayThe 2016 installment of Record Store Day takes place this Saturday, and as usual, a wide variety of limited-edition vinyl-only releases will be available exclusively at independent record shops around the U.S. that day, and in many other countries too.

While there are too many interesting vinyl releases to name, Record Store Day co-founder Michael Kurtz admits to ABC Radio that he’s particularly interested in one exclusive disc.

“The one that I’m most excited about is Tom Petty‘s Kiss My Amps Kiss My Amps Vol. II. He did volume one for Record Store Day a few years back,” he explains. “These are unreleased live tracks. And, if you’re a Tom Petty fan, you know his live shows are just phenomenal.”

Kurtz also says he thinks a lot of music lovers will be interested in the Record Store Day discs from a beloved artist who recently passed away.

“Everybody’s still mourning or celebrating the life of David Bowie, and we’ve got three really cool David Bowie pieces this year,” he reports. “We’ve got a picture disc for ‘TVC15’…Then we have a picture disc of ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ that features the original artwork that was done just for Germany back in the ’70s. And then we put together a 10-inch of his [1960s] singles that he made when he was on the Pye labels.”

Other noteworthy releases, according to Kurtz, are discs from The Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac and Patti Smith.

Another highlight of the initiative is the series of in-person appearances various artists make at stores all around the U.S. Kurtz notes that Graham Nash will be appearing at the Bull Moose music and video store in the Portland, Maine, suburb of Scarborough, while Bonnie Raitt will visit the Music Millennium store in Portland, Oregon.

Michael says that overall, there will “probably be about somewhere between 800 to a thousand artists that will be giving their time and music freely to music fans to be a part of the party.”

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