Bobby Bank/WireImageLast night, The Monkees kicked off their tour in honor of the band’s 50th anniversary, as well as their forthcoming album, Good Times! Original member Michael Nesmith won’t be joining band mates Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork on the road, but he’s hoping to make it to “some” of the shows.

“If we target one that we know we’re gonna be at, it’s not gonna be a surprise appearance any place, I’m not gonna show up unannounced,” Nesmith tells ABC Radio.

As for why Nesmith won’t be taking part in the full tour, he’s currently working on a new book that he’s committed to delivering by the fall.

“I gotta get back home, I gotta get in my writer’s chair and get to work on the commitment that I’ve made on this book,” he says. “And when I can see the light of the first time and go out for a weekend or something with them, we’ll just keep that going until it can actually happen.”

The Monkees don’t currently have any concrete plans regarding when exactly Nesmith might join them, but they’re talking that through. The band has also had discussions about setting up a Monkees festival of sorts featuring the writers who contributed to Good Times!

“The three of us would like to have an anniversary concert that’s really planned as a kind of anniversary festival,” Nesmith tells ABC Radio. “It’d be fun to have the writers on this record come and have other people come and sort of celebrate pop history. But that’s only just conversations between the three of us, we don’t have any…no way of that coming together at this point.”

The Monkees’ 50th anniversary tour continues tonight in Melbourne, Florida. Good Times! will be released May 27.

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