Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesJimmy Page took the stand in the copyright-infringement trial involving Led Zeppelin‘s “Stairway to Heaven” and insisted he’d never heard the song he’s accused of ripping off until a few years ago, when people started posting comparisons online.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the legendary guitarist, 72, claimed in court that he doesn’t use computers or the internet and wasn’t aware of the talk regarding a potential similarity until his son-in-law showed him a video online. Page further stated that when heard the orchestral intro to the Spirit song “Taurus,” it was “totally alien” to him, adding, “Something like that would stick in my mind.”

Page did admit to owning several Spirit albums, but only remembered acquiring two of them — neither containing the song in question.

Michael Skidmore, who represents the estate of Spirit songwriter Randy California, is suing Page and Led Zeppelin for copyright infringement, claiming “Stairway to Heaven” lifted from “Taurus.”

Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and John Paul Jones are also expected to testify during the trial.

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