Oscar Gonzalez/NurPhoto via Getty ImagesHe once thought he would live there “for the rest of my life,” but Rod Stewart is selling his historic U.K. estate, Wood House, for 7.5 million pounds, which is nearly 10 million dollars.

The Sunday Times reports Rod loves the home, which he purchased in 1986 for 1.2 million pounds, but he and his wife Penny Lancaster are selling it because they want to live closer to their sons’ new school. “If only we could have picked it up and moved it,” he tells the Times. Wood House has been his home through any number of girlfriends, four of his eight children, his breakup with Rachel Hunter, and his battle with thyroid cancer.

One of the highlights of Wood House is Rod’s extensive collection of paintings. He tells the Sunday Times that if he can’t sleep, he counts the pictures hanging on the wall: “Normally, by the time I get up to about 130, I’m ready to go off.”

Rod and Penny’s new home is a mansion he purchased in 2013 for 4.65 million pounds, which he’s been fixing up — he’s even building a soccer pitch on the grounds. But if he gets tired of that home, he also has a mansion in L.A., a place in Palm Beach, Florida, an apartment in London, and a villa in Cannes, France.

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