© 2016 O’Jays GigsThe O’Jays are among the latest music artists to express their displeasure over their songs being played at the Republican National Convention in celebration of Donald Trump‘s nomination for president. The soul legends have issued a statement claiming that versions of their classic hit “Love Train,” including a reworked rendition dubbed “Trump Train,” have been played at the Cleveland convention without their consent.

The message states that The O’Jays “decr[y] the fact that…one of their signature songs has been appropriated by the Republican National Convention to bolster the fear and hate-driven candidacy of Donald Trump.”

Founding singer Eddie Levert scathingly declares, “I don’t agree, whatsoever, with Trump’s politics to the point where I think he just may be the anti-Christ.”

Fellow original member Walter Williams says, “Our music, and most especially, ‘Love Train’ is about bringing people together, not building walls.” He adds, “I don’t appreciate being associated with Mr. Trump and his usage of our music without permission.”

The band, which hails from Canton, Ohio, about an hour away from Cleveland, also maintains that they turned down an invitation to appear at the RNC, noting that they “flatly rejected the offer in light of their personal beliefs that the candidacy of Trump is divisive and at odds with the overriding message of their song [‘Love Train’].”

Continuing their condemnation of the RNC, The O’Jays maintain that their hit “Back Stabbers” seems to reflect the way that the organization “has exploited the group’s legacy.”

Meanwhile, Williams and Levert have announced that they both are willing to take part in the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

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