In May, The Rolling Stones demanded that Donald Trump stop playing their music at his campaign events, but you can’t always get what you want. On Thursday night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland after Trump gave his acceptance speech as his party’s presidential nominee, the band’s classic song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” was played at the event.

Now The Stones have issued a statement via their Twitter feed that they “do not endorse Donald Trump,” and pointing out that their tune “was used without the band’s permission.”

The Rolling Stones are one of many artists who have complained about Trump’s unauthorized use of their music, including Queen, Neil Young, R.E.M. and The O’Jays.

Credit: Claude GassianIn other Rolling Stones news, BBC News reports guitarist Keith Richards confirmed during a U.K. radio interview Friday that Eric Clapton did indeed do some recording for the band’s upcoming studio album. Richards says his fellow British guitar legend “dropped by for a couple of numbers,” during the sessions, which he added made it seem “like old times down in Richmond.” The Stones and Clapton’s old band The Yardbirds both used to play at the Crawdaddy Club in the Richmond section of London.

In addition, Keith revealed that the new album would be “coming out in the autumn some time,” and that it would feature “a lot of Chicago blues.”

As for what songs would be featured on the record, Richards said, “The titles I can’t reveal at the moment, for the reason that I can’t quite remember them and I haven’t got a list with me.”

Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood first revealed in April at the opening of the group’s Exhibitionism exhibit in London that his band had been working on an album featuring various classic blues covers.

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