Credit: Carl TimponeThey’ve “Got the Beat,” but soon, they’ll be taking a permanent “Vacation.” The Go-Go’s‘ farewell tour kicks off tonight in Clearwater, Florida, and guitarist Jane Wiedlin reports that the band is calling it a day because “it’s time to do other stuff.”

As Wieldin explains to ABC Radio, “We’ve been talking about it for a few years. We’ve been together for 38 years and most of our contemporaries are either not making music or even dead, so we feel like we’ve had a really great run and it’s time to do other stuff — like our Broadway musical.”

The group is working on the musical, called Head over Heels, with some of the folks behind the Broadway hits Spring Awakening and American Idiot, and it sounds pretty unusual. It’s not about The Go-Go’s; instead, it uses their music to tell a story.

“It’s actually set in the 15th century,” guitarist/keyboardist Charlotte Caffey tells ABC Radio. Wiedlin describes it as a “crazy mash-up,” and both women agree it’s “really, really funny.”

There’s no word on when the musical will arrive on Broadway. As for the tour, Jane says, “Our production’s usually fairly rock ‘n’ roll so [the tour’s] not too big, [it’s] more organic. But we’re gonna throw in some tribute songs to some people we love that are gone and mix up the set a little.”

She adds, “I think we’re all gonna be giving it our all ’cause we know it’s the last time, and we wanna have the most fun possible and bring the best time to our fans!”

So what’s the key difference between now and when the band toured in its ’80s heyday? Jane and Charlotte both agree: “A lot less booze!”

The tour runs through August 30, wrapping in the group’s hometown of Los Angeles.

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