Courtesy of Webster PR; XL/Columbia RecordsEarlier this year, Dolly Parton duetted with pop superstar Katy Perry on an awards show. But now, the country legend has got her eye on a collaboration with another massively successful female pop singer: Adele. Dolly says she “relates” to the British star “a lot.”

“We, at one time, had talked about — through our people….that we were gonna gonna get together because she was coming to Nashville and we were gonna, if we could get together, maybe write something,” Parton told reporters in Nashville this week. “But our schedules didn’t work out. But I’m open if she is! She’s hot right now. I could ride far on her skirt tails!”

Parton adds, “I love how she sings, I love how she looks, I love how she acts, I just love how she is. I relate to her a lot, in some ways.” In fact, Dolly admits, it was Adele’s signature look that first caught her attention.

“When she had her [cat-eye] makeup, you know the way everybody’s trying to do their eyes, and I do makeup all the time,” Parton explained. “So my nieces and my sisters are always saying, ‘Can you fix my eyes like Adele?'”

That experience led Dolly to name-check the British singer in a song on her new album, Pure & Simple, called “Head over High Heels.” When she sings about getting dressed up to go out, she makes a reference to doing her “eyes like Adele.”

“I got so excited,” Parton said about coming up with the line. “And I thought, ‘She’s gonna love me! She’s gonna love me for saying her name in a song!'”

Pure & Simple was released today.

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