Guy Prives/RedfernsIf you’re not a fan of either of the major party’s candidate for president, perhaps you’d consider casting your vote for a genuine shock rocker. Alice Cooper recently — and perhaps jokingly — threw his top hat in the ring and launched his own campaign for U.S. president, complete with a special website and merchandise promoting his candidacy.

Billing himself as “A Troubled Man for Troubled Times,” Cooper says he’s running as The Wild Party’s candidate, and has laid out a platform of important goals he hopes to achieve as Leader of the Free World. These include: Getting Brian Johnson back in AC/DC; a snake in every pot; no more pencils, no more books; adding late Motorhead frontman Lemmy to Mount Rushmore; putting Groucho Marx on the $50 bill; banning talking during movies in theater; and banning taking selfies, except on a designated National Selfie Day.

You can check out his full platform at, where you also can buy merch packages that include an “Alice for President” poster, bumper sticker, button and phony billion dollar bill.

In conjunction with his campaign, Cooper has rereleased his 1972 hit “Elected” as a special digital single. The 68-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer also is showcasing the song on his current headlining tour. During his performances of the tune, Alice dons a modified Uncle Sam outfit while people dressed as macabre versions of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump come out on stage and proceed to have a no-holds-barred battle before ultimately making out with each other. Watch a recent example of one such performance at Cooper’s official YouTube channel.

Cooper’s current North American tour continues on Tuesday, August 23, in Houston and is mapped out through an October 30 show in Los Angeles.

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