Courtesy of KPM BerlinDavid Bowie was honored with a commemorative plaque Monday in his one-time home of Berlin, where the late rock legend resided during the late 1970s. According to The Guardian, the bone-china marker was unveiled in Schöneberg district of the German capital, at the site of the apartment Bowie shared with his friend and musical collaborator Iggy Pop from 1976 to 1978.

The porcelain plaque features Bowie’s name, his birth and death dates, and explains in German that while he lived at the residence he worked on the albums Low, Heroes and Lodger, known as his “Berlin Trilogy.” The marker also features a famous lyrical line from his song “Heroes”: “We can be Heroes, just for one day.”

Bowie moved to Berlin with the intention of dealing with a drug habit he’d developed while also living more anonymously. The music he created while in the city is considered some of his most experimental and inventive.

The Guardian reports Berlin Mayor Michael Müller was on hand to unveil the plaque, along with hundreds of people who attended the ceremony. Müller commented that Bowie played an important role in promoting Berlin’s “sense of being a city of culture, creativity and openness,” adding, “David Bowie belongs to Berlin, David Bowie belongs to us.”

The German senate immediately signed off on the commemorative plaque, even though a five-year waiting period after a notable figure dies usually is required for such an honor to be approved. Bowie died January 10 of this year.

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