Simon & SchusterBruce Springsteen has released a new video promo for his soon-to-be-published memoir, Born to Run, in which he discusses his experience writing the book. In the clip, which has been posted on his official website and YouTube channel, the Boss says that working on the tome wasn’t too different than the way he creates songs.

“From my original manuscript, everything was rewritten two or three times,” he explains. “Very similar to the songwriting process in that…you write down your first thoughts, which is your blueprint, and you see if you have something that can be worked on…and then I’ll go back and I’ll get into each verse and I’ll rewrite it.”

Bruce says he was inspired to start writing the memoir in 2009 after he penned an essay about his experience performing at the Super Bowl.

“It felt like I found a good voice to write in with it,” he points out. “I said, ‘Well, maybe I’ll try to write a little bit more in that voice and see where it takes me.'”

Springsteen says that he decided to start writing about his early life, and found that after two or three weeks he’d put together some worthwhile material, so he kept going. He explains that he then continued writing “intermittently for seven years.”

Bruce says the hardest section of Born to Run for him to write was the one that focuses on his present-day life. He maintains that what made it so difficult was that “it’s all people you’re living with in your life today.”

He says that, in contrast, “writing about stuff that was in the past, you just felt like you had a lot of freedom there.”

Born to Run will be released on Tuesday, September 27. For more details about the memoir, visit

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