C Flanigan/FilmMagicSince Prince died in April, many artists have performed his songs as a tribute. Stevie Nicks and Prince were good friends, and she says on her upcoming 24 Karat Gold tour, she’ll be paying tribute to him…with one of her own hits.

Stevie’s hit “Stand Back” was based on the melody of Prince’s “Little Red Corvette,” and he even played uncredited on the track. That started a decades-long friendship, though Stevie regrets that they didn’t hang out more often.

“One day I will write up a little essay about me and Prince, because I think the world would really enjoy [hearing] it,” she tells ABC Radio. “It really was a special relationship.”

They weren’t lovers, but Prince “trusted me and respected me,” Stevie says. “He hated the fact that I did drugs, and that’s probably why we did not spend more time together.”

Prince was known for being anti-drug, which is why Stevie feels that he likely had no option but to take the super-strong pain meds that killed him. “He would never want anybody to say, ‘Prince is doing drugs, so I can do drugs too,'” Stevie says. “He must’ve been in some kinda terrible, awful pain. All day long, every day.”

“That kind of chronic pain, it’s not fixable,” she adds. “And there does come a point where you’re like, ‘Just give me something, please.'”

Now that he’s gone, Stevie says, she’s “devastated.”

“We were just really good friends and I always wanted to work with him,” she tells ABC Radio. “Now…I’m going, ‘Why didn’t I ever go to Paisley Park?'”

That’s why, when she performs “Stand Back” on tour this fall, Stevie says, “Mr. Prince and his purple velvet will be standing behind me every time I sing [it].”

Tickets for the tour are on sale now.

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