Tim Mosenfelder/Getty ImagesCould Aerosmith may ready to call it quits?

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer admits in a new Rolling Stone interview that the idea has been discussed.

“Aerosmith is all of our first loves, but I also don’t know many other people who have consistently done the same job for 45 years,” he says. “As we’re getting older, we’ve been kicking the idea [to end the band], but a final decision hasn’t been made.”

Kramer acknowledges that his heart attack in 2014 and Joe Perry‘s recent onstage collapse after a show with the supergroup The Hollywood Vampires, scared him.

“We’re not 25-year-olds anymore — we can’t play as many shows as we used to. Steven can’t sing two nights in a row or three to four nights a week — it’s physically impossible,” he says. “So it becomes a question of going out [on tour] less than we used to, or not doing it at all.”

Earlier this year frontman Steven Tyler suggested the band might be ready to undertake a “farewell tour” though Perry later called such talk “premature.”

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