Credit: Mark SeligerThis weekend, Rolling Stones fans in the U.K. will be treated to a unique television event, as Keith Richards will host and curate a three-night programming block on the BBC Four channel. Keith Richards’ Lost Weekend will air from dusk until dawn on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and will feature movies, shows, cartoons and musical performances chosen by the rock legend; personal commentary by Richards; and specially filmed interview segments conducted by director Julien Temple.

“No one has taken over a TV channel before,” says the 72-year-old guitarist in a statement. “Let’s see how it flies!”

Richards’ Lost Weekend will air from 7 p.m. to 4 a.m. U.K. time each evening. Among the films Keith handpicked Keith for the marathon are Alfred Hitchcock‘s classic The 39 Steps, the 1967 sci-fi/horror flick The Sorcerers and a director’s cut of Temple’s recent documentary Keith Richards: The Origin of the Species. The event also will feature footage of Richards playing guitar in the studio, and discussing a variety of topics, including his musings on world philosophy, technology, his love of books, addiction, his run-ins with the police and much more.

Speaking with The Guardian about Richards’ TV event, Temple says, “I don’t think many people could pull it off. He’s one of the greatest raconteurs, so spending time with him is real quality time — and his life philosophy and survival strategies and contagious sense of humor will come together to create a good mix over those 27 hours.”

Regarding the interview he conducted with Keith, the director notes, “Spending that much time with him, in a very free-ranging, relaxed, intimate interview, over three nights you will get to know him in a way you’ve never done before.”

No word about if or when Richards’ Lost Weekend will be viewable in the U.S.

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