PRNewsFoto/Columbia RecordsThis Friday, The Bee GeesBarry Gibb will release his first new solo album in more than 30 years, In the Now. A number of the songs on the album focus on Barry’s mixed feelings about moving forward without his late sibling band mates Robin and Maurice, who died in 2012 and 2003, respectively.

In a video promoting In the Now that’s been posting on Gibb’s official Facebook page, the singer/songwriter discusses his new tune “Home Truth Song,” which he says is about his motivation to keep making music.

“It doesn’t matter what’s happened, I’ve gotta go on…I’m still gonna do what I do,” he explains in the clip. “I would have wanted my brothers to play. I would’ve wanted everything to keep moving no matter what, and I think, subliminally, that message is to me, ‘Just get on with it…We’re not with you, but get on with it, because we sort of are with you.'”

In another promo video, Gibb talks about his song “Diamonds,” which he reveals was inspired by a conversation he and his mother had at Robin’s funeral. Barry points out that he and his mom talked philosophically about how he was her last remaining son, even though he was her oldest child.

“I was the eldest. Why wasn’t I the first to go?” Barry says. “I feel that in some strange way I’m supposed to be here, and so I’m gonna try and live up to that.”

Gibb will be on hand for a special In the Now playback event on Friday, October 14, in New York City, and he’s launched a contest offering one fan and a guest the chance to attend the bash. You can enter the contest at Barry’s official Facebook page until this Friday, October 7, at 6 p.m. ET.

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