Simon Cross; Julie Gardner; Kristin BurnsSheryl Crow has a new album in the works that features the talents of an impressive assortment of legendary music artists, including The Rolling StonesKeith Richards, Neil Young, Stevie Nicks, Joe Walsh and even the late Johnny Cash.

As Crow explains to Billboard, “I’ve just been calling friends that I’ve known forever — people I’ve loved and admired and have been an inspiration to me since I was young — and asked them if they would collaborate with me on this record.”

Sheryl says the album will include one of her favorite Richards compositions, which she sang with the Stones guitarist; a song she co-wrote with Walsh; and separate tunes that she recorded with Young, Nicks and Cash. The Cash collaboration was a rendition of a song titled “Redemption Day,” which she wrote specifically for the country icon.

The project also features a song she did with Kris Kristofferson, as well as tune she wrote for and recorded with Willie Nelson.

“It’s been a real project of love,” Sheryl tells Billboard. “When I read off those names I can’t believe those people even know who I am. I’m such a small-town girl from Missouri still, but what a treat, you know? What a treat.”

Crow, who also is working on another album, says she isn’t sure when either will be released.

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