Mailboat RecordsNeil “Spyder” Giraldo, Pat Benatar‘s husband and longtime guitarist, has co-written and recorded a song celebrating the Cleveland Indians’ bid for their first World Series championship since 1948. A Cleveland native and lifelong Indians fan, Giraldo teamed up with members of his 1970s band Thrills and Company to create the anthem, which is called “Liftin’ the Curse of the Rock.”

The tune’s title references the supposed curse that befell the Indians after they traded their star outfielder Rocky Colavito to the Detroit Tigers in 1960, which some fans believe is responsible for the team’s decades-long World Series drought. The song also celebrates Giraldo’s long friendship with his Thrills and Company band mates.

The chorus to the rocking song is, “Now we’re liftin’ the Curse of the Rock!/ Too many heartaches, Too many heartbreaks/ We’d almost forgot!/ How to bleed…The time off the clock!/And we’re liftin’ the Curse of the Rock!”

“Liftin’ the Curse of the Rock,” which was released under the moniker Thrills 216, is available as a digital single now at iTunes for $1.29. Some proceeds from the track will be donated to nonprofit organizations in the Cleveland area.

The Indians are currently facing the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. Each team has won one game. Game three takes place in Chicago on Friday. The Cubs, incidentally, last won the World Series in 1908.

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