Dave J Hogan“Exhibitionism,” the massive Rolling Stones exhibit that ran earlier this year in London, opens tomorrow November 12 at the Industria, in New York’s Greenwich Village. It runs through March 12, 2017.

As previously reported, “Exhibitionism” features more than 500 pieces of memorabilia ranging from musical instruments to handwritten lyrics to songs like “Miss You” and “Worried About You,” and from previously unseen photos to clothes and costumes worn by the band members.

As Ronnie Wood says in a video clip about the exhibit, “[It’s] a total experience with music, film, fashion and art.” Keith Richards adds, “From the very beginning of the band’s history to all our recent adventures, you’ll feel like you were there with us.”

For ticket info go to Exhibitionism.com.

Also on the Stones front, today marks the release of Havana Moon, on DVD+2CD, Blu-ray+2CD, DVD+3LP plus a special Deluxe Edition — chronicling the band’s historic concert in the Cuban capital this past March.

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