Simon CrossExhibitionism, The Rolling Stones exhibit that’s currently running in New York City, might make some feel nostalgic, but for Keith Richards, it’s all about the present and the future.

Last month, Richards and co. performed at the Desert Trip festival in Indio, California and on the weekend bill with Keith’s old friend and Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan.

Richards thinks it’s way overdue that the Nobel Prize in Literature was given to a songwriter. He tells the New York Post, “I thought it was very far-reaching for the Nobel people to give Bob the prize for literature. I think it’s the first time us songwriters have been begrudgingly let into the literary world. But that’s good, especially because all those bastards like Shakespeare ever did was to steal songs and ballads from [medieval folk singers in England]!”

And speaking of old friends, another of Keith’s pals, Eric Clapton, is featured on Blue & Lonesome, the Stones’ forthcoming collection of blues covers.

“In three days, the Stones cut 12 tracks,” Richards tells the paper. “That’s a record in itself. Eric Clapton was in the next studio, so we collared him to play on it, too. Eric was part of the Stones before he could even play. When we were playing the clubs, he was one of our top fans.”

Keith is even feeling the love for his sometimes nemesis, Mick Jagger.

“On this album, you can hear how much he’s a part of the band and what a musician he is,” says Richards. “Because he’s such a showman, a lot of his actual talent gets hidden. But on this record, he can feel very proud of himself. I’ve always loved the man. It’s just that I have to kick his ass now and again!”

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