Michael Putland/Getty ImagesA typed draft of a scathing, profanity-filled letter that John Lennon wrote to Paul McCartney and his then-wife Linda around 1971 is up for bid now at the RR Auction website. The document, which is expected to fetch more than $20,000, features Lennon berating the couple in response to comments made in a previous letter written by Linda regarding the circumstances surrounding The Beatles‘ breakup and other topics.

Lennon’s message, which also includes some additional notes handwritten in pen, begins, “I was reading your letter and wondering what middle aged cranky Beatle fan wrote it. I resisted looking at the last page to find out.”

John later responds to a comment apparently accusing him of acting self-indulgent and hurtful, saying, “I hope you realize what s*** you and the rest of my ‘kind and unselfish’ friends laid on [my wife] Yoko and me, since we’ve been together.”

He adds that he and Yoko “rose above” the supposed slights from Paul and Linda and “forgave you two — so it’s the least you can do for us — you noble people. — Linda — if you don’t care what I say — shut up! — let Paul write — or whatever.”

Lennon also responds to criticism from Linda about him not telling anyone about him quitting The Beatles.

He angrily explains, that Paul and Beatles manager Allen Klein “spent the day persuading me it was better not to say anything — asking me not to say anything because it would ‘hurt the Beatles’ — and ‘let’s just let it petre out’ remember? So get that into your petty little perversion of a mind, Mrs. McCartney.”

You can read the text of whole letter at RRAuction.com. Current bidding is at $10,000. Bidding is scheduled to close on Thursday evening.

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