Michael Putland/Getty ImagesA scathing, profanity-filled letter that John Lennon wrote to Paul McCartney and his then-wife, Linda, around 1971, was sold for $29,843.45 during an online auction Thursday.

In the typewritten document, which also includes some additional notes that handwritten in pen, Lennon berates the couple in response to a previous letter Linda wrote to him regarding the circumstances surrounding The Beatles‘ breakup, John’s actions and comments around that time, and other topics.

In the two-page message, Lennon mocks Linda, and responds to various comments and accusations made in her letter. Among John’s complaints is that Linda had accused him of acting self-indulgent and hurtful, while she and Paul had similarly treated him and his wife, Yoko Ono, badly.

Lennon also responds to criticism from Linda about him not telling anyone about him quitting The Beatles, angrily maintaining that Paul and Beatles manager Allen Klein had persuaded him to keep quiet about his intentions to leave the group.

The message ends with Lennon expressing annoyance that Linda had addressed her letter just to him without also including Yoko.

You can read Lennon’s whole letter at RRAuction.com.

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