Credit: Claude GassianOn December 2, The Rolling Stones will release their first new studio album in more than 11 years, the blues covers collection Blue & Lonesome, but the band’s members have revealed that an album of original material also is in the works.

As singer Mick Jagger explained to the media this past week at a red-carpet event celebrating the New York City opening of the band’s Exhibitionism exhibit, Blue & Lonesome was something of “a little sidetrack” that The Stones put together while trying to make an album of new songs.

“We were doing the blues record in the middle of recording the original songs,” he pointed out. “You know, we were in the middle of doing them and we went on to do more new songs.”

Guitarist Ronnie Wood, meanwhile, told the press at the same event that in contrast with Blue & Lonesome, which was recorded in two or three days, he expects the band to spend quite a bit more time working on the album of originals before it will be ready for release.

“Those songs are gonna sit for a while and maybe be redone,” Wood noted.

Asked whether he’s contributed to the songwriting for the next album, Ronnie said, “No, I thought I’d leave this up to Mick this time, and…Keith [Richards]. [I thought,] ‘Well, let’s see where it’s gonna take shape.’ ‘Cause I always come in with songs if they haven’t got any, so I’d like to see what they come up with first.”

Some of the Stones also recently spoke with Billboard about the original project. Jagger told the magazine, “We’ve got a long way to go, but I think it sounds really great,” while he and Wood both said they hoped to get back to work on the record next year.

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