Simon & SchusterThe audio version of Bruce Springsteen‘s best-selling memoir, Born to Run, was released this week. The legendary rocker, who recorded the 18-hour-long audiobook at his home studio in New Jersey, tells People that the experience was just as draining as playing one of his famous marathon concerts.

“[It] wasn’t any easier for me than singing for four hours,” he admits. “You really wear down your voice. But it was quite enjoyable.”

To augment the recording, Springsteen added some original musical segments to accompany his spoken words.

“I put just a little bit of music in here and there,” explains the Boss, “and I hope people like it.”

Regarding whether he found it difficult opening up about his personal life in the book, Springsteen tells People, “There was a little bit of anxiety. Unlike your songs, where there’s always a debate about whether it is or isn’t about you, a memoir is about you. You have to get comfortable with that.”

You can check out a four-minute-plus segment from the audiobook at and Bruce’s official SoundCloud page. In the snippet, Springsteen emotionally recalls the 2011 death of E Street Band sax player Clarence Clemons.

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