Credit: Ross HalfinSo is Aerosmith really planning to retire following its upcoming tour or not? Drummer Joey Kramer has said the subject of retirement has come up, and the band’s trek next year is called “Aero-Vederci Baby!” But lead singer Steven Tyler isn’t ready to call it a final outing.

“Farewell? I’m not sure, but truth is, who knows how long we’ll be touring as the original band?” Tyler says to Billboard. “I don’t think that needs to be said, I think that we’re all freak of natures and [guitarist] Joe [Perry] and I were talking on the phone yesterday and he said to me, ‘We have no right being as healthy as we are after what we’ve been through.'”

The 68-year-old frontman adds, “Whether it’s through the abuses of being on tour for 40 years or the abuses of substances or the abuses of life on life’s terms, there’s been a lot of abuse. But we’re both looking pretty damn good for what’s going on.”

Although only European dates have been announced so far, Tyler says the band plans to hit the rest of the world too. He also notes that the fact that Aerosmith’s members all worked on various side projects this year will be good for all concerned when the band reconvenes for the tour.

“One of the things I’m learning in life is that being away from each other is sometimes the healthiest thing we can do. You know?” Tyler says. “I dare to say that being away from each other may have saved a few marriages on this planet.”

So, does Tyler have plans for spending more time apart from his band mates and following up his 2016 solo country album, We’re All Somebody from Somewhere? “I’m not sure, but I know it’s there and I know how much fun I had doing it,” he says, calling the experience of working with Nashville writers a “fabulous adventure.”

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