Travis Shinn; Myriam Santos; Ross HalfinChristmas time is here, and music fans might be interested to find out how some well-known rockers are planning to spend their holiday this year.

Among the notable musicians who shared their Christmas plans with ABC Radio is Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s Gary Rossington. The guitarist says he and his wife, Dale, like to spend the holiday in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with their family, including their two grandchildren.

“We usually go out there for Christmas, ’cause it’s snowy and cold and wintry,” he explains. “It feels like Christmas, you know? And man, [we] just praise God and thank Him for another good year and hope that we keep on keepin’ on.”

Ex-Eagles guitarist Don Felder will celebrate Christmas with his family in Los Angeles, but he also reports that he’s using his end-of-the-year downtime to work on various projects.

“I have almost three weeks off, but when I say ‘off,’ I’ll be in the studio…I’m working on a new CD for next spring,” he tells ABC Radio. “We’re putting together a summer tour for next year, and I’d like to get this CD out for that.”

Felder adds that he’s also producing a DVD documenting a Las Vegas concert, and is rehearsing for his previously announced five-show engagement with Styx at Vegas’ Venetian Theatre in January.

Former Mott the Hoople frontman Ian Hunter is British, but he now lives with his wife in Connecticut. He reveals that he has two kids that will be visiting from England for the holidays.

The 77-year-old rocker also shared a somewhat amusing complaint he had about the holiday.

“[We] have this massive tree, which I have to cart in from the garage,” he gripes. “It’s about nine-foot tall…Nice tree and all that, but I wish [my wife would] get little ones.”

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