Mick Hutson/Getty ImagesAnyone who’s paid attention knows Eddie Vedder‘s a socially-conscious guy with a big heart. But the Pearl Jam frontman just proved it again, by donating $10,000 to help out a family facing eviction from their home over the holidays.

The Washington Post reports it began when Tyshika Britten of Oxon Mills, Maryland posted an ad on Craigslist about her dire predicament, saying she and her six kids would wind up on the street with no Christmas at all. After the Washington Post initially picked up her story, the donations began, to the point Britten had to set up a GoFundMe page to handle them.

And then Vedder sent his check. Britten had no idea who he was until the bank teller clued her in, but she’s been watching a lot of Pearl Jam videos in the days since.

Vedder tells the Post he wrote the check because Britten’s story reminded him of some Christmases when he was a kid, when “There were years there were toys from Santa, but they were used and they came from garage sales and they didn’t always work.” He also tells the newspaper that he knows writing a check isn’t a solution to the more complex issues behind Britten’s situation, but calls it “a tourniquet” to help in the short-term.

By the way, the GoFundMe page as of Monday night had raised over $18,000, and is still open for donations.

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