Glenn Gottlieb; ©Michael Cairns 2016; Michael HelmsHappy New Year! As we prepare to ring in 2017, a number of well-known musicians have shared their resolutions and wishes for the coming year.

Yes drummer Alan White, who recently got the happy news that his band will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April, has a simple and very positive wish for people that was inspired by an even more famous musician.

“How about peace and love?” he says. “It all comes from [what] John Lennon taught me years ago when I played on ‘Imagine.’ Peace and love to the world and hopefully everybody can make it a better year this next year, of people living in harmony.”

Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain, whose band also will be welcomed into the Rock Hall next year, offers up a resolution that reflects his strong Christian faith.

“I just want to speak positive and be a true follower of Jesus Christ,” he tells ABC Radio. “That’s what I want to be. I want to be more like Jesus.”

Ex-Eagles guitarist Don Felder reveals that he’s stopped making New Year’s resolutions because he was never very good at following through with the ones he made in the past.

“I would probably say I’m 0 for…50 as far as enacting my resolutions,” he admits with a laugh.

Felder adds that he thinks it’s better to focus on your “goals on a daily basis” rather than make a vow at the beginning of a new year.

Don also revealed his New Year’s Eve plans to ABC Radio.

“I usually stay at home and hide from all the drunks,” he reports. “I’ve been around so many people that are intoxicated in my life in the music business that I just choose to huddle behind my gates and not venture out.”

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