Allan Williams, left, with Beatles members in 1960 (John Lennon/ Keystone Features/Getty Images)Allan Williams, The Beatles‘ first manager and the man who opened the popular Liverpool club The Jacaranda, died today at the age of 86, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Williams opened The Jacaranda in 1958, and the venue became a popular hangout for local art students, including Beatles members John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Stu Sutcliffe. According to, when the band initially asked for a gig at the club, Williams had some of the members decorate the venue instead.

Allan eventually began booking The Beatles at The Jacaranda and at various other local venues. When the band traveled to Hamburg, Germany, for their first residency in the city, it was Williams who drove them in a van. The Beatles parted ways with Williams in 1961 after an argument over a fee for another of the group’s trips to Hamburg.

Williams’ feud with The Beatles eventually ended, and he later was involved in the first Fab Four-themed conventions held in Liverpool. In May of 2016, Williams was presented with the highest civic honor in Liverpool for his contributions to the city’s music industry.

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