Jimmy King; Courtesy of Dogs Trust BridgendDavid Bowie‘s son, film director Duncan Jones, has taken to Twitter to help promote the adoption of a dog named after his late dad. According to Wales Online, the pooch was named Bowie because, like the rock legend, he has one brown eye and one blue eye.

Staff at the Dogs Trust re-homing center in Bridgend, U.K., where Bowie has been housed since November, claim that people haven’t been interested in adopting him because of his unusual eyes. Jones posted a link to the Wales Online article along with the message, “Anyone?”

Bowie is three years old and is a lurcher-collie crossbreed. You can find out more about him at DogsTrust.org.uk.

Jones also tweeted a photo of his half-sister Alexandria‘s dog, Max, which has different-colored eyes as well.

As David Bowie recounted in a 2009 biography written by Mark Spitz, his mismatched eyes were the result of one of his eyes having a permanently dilated pupil, which occurred when he was a teenager and a friend punched him over a disagreement about a girl they both liked.

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