Neil Diamond performs on “The Tonight Show” Nov. 29, 2016; Andrew Lipovsky/NBCWe finally learned the “truth” behind the lyrics of Neil Diamond‘s classic song “Sweet Caroline,” courtesy of The Tonight Show‘s Jimmy Fallon.

In a recorded segment called “Behind the Lyrics,” Fallon had the a few artists, including Diamond, reveal the supposedly true stories behind their biggest hits.

Diamond admitted that even though his 1969 hit claims “good times never seemed so good,” he was actually lying.

“Have you ever spent an afternoon popping bubble wrap?” he asked before exclaiming, “Now that’s a good time!”

John Legend and Michael Bublé also appeared in the segment.

Legend noted that “All of Me” was originally a jingle he wrote for the Olive Garden restaurant chain, called, “Olive Me,” but they “never returned my calls.”

“So I changed it to ‘Olive Meat’…and tried to sell it to Wendy’s, Legend continued, “but they backed out at the last minute. So now I’m hoping that Arby’s will take a nibble, if you catch my drift.”

And what about Bublé’s song “Haven’t Met You Yet?” “The real truth is that I’m a huge Star Wars fanatic,” he revealed. “So…I originally had titled it, ‘I Wish I Was Boba Fett,’ but my manager said, ‘No, basically, you can’t do that. You have to appeal to the ladies,’…so I changed it”

Adds Bublé, “But still, every time I sing it now, I always sing in my head, ‘I wish I was Boba Fett.”

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