Credits: Danny ClinchWith Stevie Nicks going her own way lately, fellow Fleetwood Mac members Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie have revealed that they’ve decided to release music they’ve been recording over the last couple of years as a duets album. The singer/songwriters tell The Los Angeles Times that the record has the working title Buckingham-McVie and is tentatively scheduled to arrive in May.

“All these years we’ve had this rapport, but we’d never really thought about doing a duet album before,” Buckingham explains. “There is that album that I did with Stevie back before we joined the band [1973’s Buckingham Nicks], but other than that, it’s all been Fleetwood Mac or solo.”

The project began in early 2014, when the entire Fleetwood Mac lineup except for Nicks hit the studio to work on material for a tentative new band album. However, Stevie expressed apprehension about the project, deciding instead to focus on promoting her recent solo releases.

As the recording moved forward, McVie says her collaboration with Buckingham gained momentum.

“We’ve always written well together…and this has just spiraled into something really amazing that we’ve done between us,” she tells the paper.

Buckingham reveals that for some of the tunes, McVie helped finish songs he began.

“That was a first,” he admits. “She would write lyrics and maybe paraphrase the melody — and come up with something far better than what I would have done if I’d taken it down the road myself.”

ABC Radio first caught wind of the project in August, when drummer Mick Fleetwood revealed in an interview that a Buckingham-McVie duets album had been discussed.

Meanwhile, when ABC Radio asked Nicks last year what she thought about Buckingham and McVie possibly releasing music without her, she said, “You can never say never, but I don’t think that will happen.”

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