BMGBesides being the sax player for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Jake Clemons is an accomplished singer/songwriter in his own right, and he’s just released his first full-length album, Fear & Love. Clemons tells ABC Radio that he’s extremely excited about the 11-track collection, which he reveals is a concept record inspired by personal upheaval.

“It’s a storyline that encompasses the last several years of my processing life and processing what fears that you’re born with and carry into relationships,” he explains, “and having to reconcile those fears…and then finding a way to recover from those and experience the ability to love fearlessly.”

More specifically, the 36-year-old musician points out, “I was in a bad relationship, and that came out through the music and I recognized where I was and found my way out of it.”

Fear & Love is broken into two themed parts, with the “Fear” segment represented by such songs as “Hold Tight,” “Burning,” “Shadow” and the title track, and the “Love” section including the tunes “A Little Bit Sweet,” “Just Stay,” “Dream” and “Move On.”

“Hold Tight” begins with a series of fake newscast reports warning of an impending hurricane, reflecting the turmoil Jake experienced in his soured relationship.

The album culminates with “Move On,” which Clemons says is about “recognizing that there’s joy, there’s love and there’s honesty, and that’s where we should live.”

Fear & Love was recorded at studios in the Toronto area, Virginia, Nashville and New York City, with the latter being a facility owned by E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt.

“He was so generous and kind enough to offer his amazing, wickedly cool studio,” gushes Jake. “It’s just a great space to track in, and I feel like really helped to convey some of the songs.”

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